Wow pagebloom, you are legends.
Great job

Maggie, Barcode Direct

Thanks pagebloom you have been most attentive in getting my site ready. The last site was hosted by a reputable company, but when they upgraded their software I was left in the lurch with a site that didn't function. They took no responsibility and in fact had not alerted us to this possibility.
The customers are finding my pagebloom site easy to navigate and I find it easy to build and edit regularly.
I appreciate your readiness to help at all times.

Lynne Cohen, Owner, Candle Making

Hi pagebloom,
Me again but this time to say thank you for everything you have done with my site. It is brilliant and has all the pages and info I need to get out there to potential clients. Love the way I can make my own changes without have any idea how the inside of a computer works. You've been great and so bloody helpful! The friendly service is the icing on the cake of a great web development site.

Meg, Freelance Writing Solutions