Organization unit types get "iconized"

In pagebloom we like to perform highly productive software development and so we have created and maintain a tight, compact, generic code base where code is reused and enhanced as much as possible rather than create every new feature as a large bespoke chunk of software that would add to the overall size of the code and hence would result in higher costs, lower performance, more code to maintain and less reliability. We don't like those things so we don't work that way!

One of the problems with our generic, compact approach is that, when applied to the administration user inteface sometimes things can look the same. We realized that it, if you don't read the 'organization type' when editing the structure of your organization it is not completely obvious as to which level of the structure of your organization you are in.

To assist with visual cues to help provide instant feedback of which level you are at in your organization's structure we now have clear, large icons representing the organization type at each level.

Companies, associations, clubs, committees, teams, prospects now have distinguishing icons to help provide that visual cue as you can see the example below: