Restaurant Website Setup and Hosting


FREE SETUP ! Get your restaurant’s website and online store all in one setup for FREE.

 We will create your own unique website, add your menu and set up online ordering for free.

After setup you have full content control: Add products, edit pricing, add images 24/7 at no extra cost!



To the Hard Working restaurant owner:

Are you sick of the big brand fast food chains capturing more of the fast food market because they offer their customers the convenience of online ordering?

Not having the convenience of an online store for pickup or delivered orders may be losing your restaurant some significant business!

Never miss an order again:

With pagebloom’s advanced online ordering system you can receive orders via an internet connected PC or via SMS — yes, you have the option of having all your online orders sent to a mobile phone in your restaurant. This means that there is never going to be another missed order due to your phone line being engaged. The SMS option means you can save money as you won’t need a computer or pay for internet connection at your premises.


Giving customers options, saving time and money:

The customer is given the ability to choose options as specified in your menu when ordering online. Instead of dedicating one of your staff to the phone while customers um and ah about whether to add anchovies or not your staff can be gainfully employed while pagebloom takes their order at your customer’s leisure. They can choose the variations/options they want on each item in your order: eg., whether they want to add or take things off a pizza or if they want a chilli dish to be medium, hot or really hot. All these details are then sent with the order.


Send out regular newsletters:

You can also create newsletters that you can email out to your customers letting them know about specials and new items on the menu. Run discount code promotions.