I need a website.

Ok, so you need a new website and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars having someone build one for you... well you've come to the right place. With pagebloom you can have a professional website created in just a matter of minutes. Want to add an online product catalog,  shopping cart, automatically managed pages of user testimonials, a product support ticketing system... it's all built in and ready for you to use.

It's easy to get started

Either you can set up or your site or for a small set up fee we can help you. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process of setting up your site and teach you how to make changes to it.

Online product catalog and Shopping cart

If you have products that you wish to publicise or sell on your website then you can take advantage of pagebloom's powerful, intuitive, built in, online catalog management system and shopping cart. You can start selling products online in just a few minutes. pagebloom's shopping cart facility has proven itself with the test of time. Users find it easy to use which means more sales for you!

Constant improvements with free upgrades

pagebloom is contantly being improved by our development team and each time there are upgrades improvements your site automaticaly receives the improvements. Unlike many other hosting solutions there is no need to pay an IT consultant or web developer to install new software upgrades each time they become available so there's no problem of getting left behind on old, unsupported web software or database.

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