I am a web developer.

I want to be able to provide my clients with a state of the art enterprise enabled content management system where I have the power to use my HTML/CSS and graphic art skills to contol the look and feel of the website. I want to be able to stay in control of the layout and visual styling of their sites while providing them with a simple and intuitive content management system without the need for me to get involved with the following:

  • complex enterprise level software development
  • software upgrades
  • database design
  • database maintenance and upgrades
  • database migration when new software releases are made

In exchange for bringing my clients to pagebloom I would like to receive an on going commission. If you what to keep providing web design services for your clients but are realize that you need to provide them with the power of content management then pagebloom is for you.

Click the 'free signup' link above then go into 'admin' mode by clicking on the 'pb' button in the top left hand corner. From there you can create a new trial website and see how easy it is to setup and maintain a pagebloom website. Find out more from one of our friendly staff by clicking here .