Provide your clients with a complete website content management website where you receive commission!


All you need to do is to understand the intuitive pagebloom system in order to help your customers.

We will help you to be able to create your customers own unique website, 
After you have setup you customers website they will have full content control: To add products, edit pricing, add images 24/7 at no extra cost!


To the Hard Working computer store owner:

Often customers will be buying computers of you for there business or company intending to have a website created with an online store in order to make there business more efficient, the customer most likely wouldn't have spoken to anyone about creating a website until they have bought a computer so this makes you the initial person they will be speaking to. If a new website is what the customer is after it makes things so much more convenient for them if they can go to a computer store buy a computer and get a website setup all in one. You can become the one stop shop for all the I.T needs !