Arts and Crafts Website Creation and Hosting

FREE SETUP ! Why not get your arts and crafts business or group a great looking website with an online shopping cart? Now there's no excuse because for a short time only we are offering to set it up for FREE!

Arts and crafts stores are easy to set up and maintain on the pagebloom web hosting system. Visitors to your site will be able to find your products easily and add them to their shopping carts because pagebloom websites have very clear and simple to use navigation tools.

The 'quick start' e-commerce facilities in pagebloom mean that you can start taking online orders 5 minutes from now! You don't even need to setup your own credit cart processing account - we set one up for you in just a few seconds and funds from your sales can be drawn down into your nominated bank account.

Why sell online?

Arts and crafts stores are generally very successful when their website is hosted on pagebloom. The reasons for this is that it is simple for the customers to use. The customers can order at anytime of day from anywhere in the world.

Are you running an art or craft store but have an outdated website that is costly to maintain - whether or not it has an online shopping cart? Or does your store not have a website at all? Selling your products online doesn't have to be painful or expensive. With pagebloom we can create for you a modern website with an online shopping cart that is clean easy to navigate and encourages visitors to buy from your store.

How easy is it to set up and maintain?

Not only is it easy for the customers it is easy for you - you are in control of your website after we help you set it up for FREE. If you can surf the web then you can maintain a website using pagebloom. There is no software to install and regularly upgrade. There are no databases to update and backup. The IT team at pagebloom do ALL of those tasks for you. You just do the fun parts!

Who would be my customers?

You could be losing thousands of dollars by not having a website or online store. An online store makes things so much more easier for your customers because they can order your products from their own house. As you know participation in arts and crafts is a great way to improve anyone's quality of life because it keeps one's mind busy and lets them explore their own creativity. This is especially beneficial to many elderly or disabled people - people who would not readily be able to get to an arts and craft store in person. However, many of these people have access to the internet so you can help them to get involved in arts and crafts by providing them with an online store from which they can purchase supplies.!

How much does it cost?

We can set up your site for free. The free setup includes up to 10 different product category pages. After set up we train you on how to add new products or edit existing ones. Hosting your site only costs $25/month and that includes up to 10 email accounts. You can cancel at any time when you don't enter a special deal contract.

What about my domain name?

Do you have your own domain name? If so we can redirect it to your new site when the site is ready. If not then we can register one for you. As a special deal if you pay hosting in advance for 24 months we will register a domain name for you that will be registered for 24 months.

Want to know more? Ready to start?

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Product Management

This is where you manage your organizations products. It’s extremely simple and easy to use. To add a new product e.g. Soy Votive Kit with Lotus Holder all you do is right click on the Menu folder and select “add product” to add different products e.g. Soy Votive Kit with Melt.


Online Menu

This is what the online store could look like after we have added your categories and products to it. We will adjust the colour scheme, style and fonts to match your restaurant’s corporate theme. Once we have made your menu, you can then add or remove products from the menu whenever you want free of charge. You can also add pictures, adjust pricing etc.


Shopping Cart

The customers will be led to this page after they have selected what product the they want to order. Customers are given the option of choosing quantity and will also be given options if any of your products have different variations available .