Frequently asked questions

Web developers

Questions covering topics involving a web site developer using pagebloom to host their clients' sites.

I am a developer. Can I control the CSS for pagebloom hosted sites?

Yes, you can. You have complete control over the CSS of any pagebloom sites that you manage for yourself or on behalf of your clients.

How many websites can I create with my account?

You can create and maintain as many website as you like - all from a single pagebloom account. You can even maintain other people's websites if they grant you the rights to access their website from your account.

pagebloom is more than just a hosting service. Your pagebloom account lets you not only interact with your own websites but it also allows you to interact with other websites on the pagebloom network - all from a single log on. No need to remember multiple passwords for lots of different accounts - just use a single pagebloom account to do everything you need to do within the pagebloom network of websites.