Frequently asked questions

Visitor Tracking and Verification Codes

This section covers questions relating to tracking (eg., Google Analytics) and verification (eg., Google Verification) of your site.

Visitor tracking and statistics will usually require special code to be embedded in your website near the end of each page at the end of the <body> section. Can I do that with pagebloom?

Yes you can!

Under "Website > Settings > Basic Settings" you will see a field for tracking/analytics codes. Any text that you place in there will appear near the end of the page (as per the official google recommendation) in the <body> section of EVERY page of your website.

This is where you would enter your google analytics/tracking code.

How do I insert a Google Verification Code into my pages so that google can verify my site?

In admin mode go to Website > Settings > Basic Settings

and enter your Google Verification Code into the field named as such.

Be sure to enter the code value only (not including the quotes). Pagebloom will automatically wrap the code in the correct HTML meta tag

For example google will provide you with some HTML code like:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="jHFJKkjsdfkljsklfjiusfd7r" />

You should enter the part in the content field into the 'Google Verification Code' field in pagebloom i.e.