Frequently asked questions

Menu Management

The menu management system within pagebloom is very powerful and flexible. You can create new menus and specify the target panel in which they should appear (main - at the top, side bars or at the bottom)

For each menu that is created you can add, edit or remove items.

How do I get to the menu manager?

In admin mode choose Website > Menu Manager. This will open up the menu manager and allow you to manage your menus.

How to I change an existing menu?

The menus on your website have two aspects:

  1. What they look like. i,e. their appearance.
  2. The text they display and what they link to.

The appearance of a menu and its items is determined by the layout/style template that your site is using.

The content of the menus and the places they link to is determined by the way you set up the menu items for each menu within the Menu Manager.

The Menu Manager allows you to add/edit/remove items in each menu. Click on the properties icon in the ‘Edit’ column corresponding to the menu that you want to edit. This will bring up a dialog box that lets you add, edit or delete menu items.

A menu item creation wizard appears whenever you click 'Add' to create a new menu item. The first page of the wizard asks you the type of Link that you want the menu item to have. Pagebloom has a large collection of standard pages. To point to a standard page choose 'Page link'. You can also create links that take the user to a page that is not on your website. Choose 'External link' if you wish to link to an external website.

If you chose 'Page link' the next page asks you to choose the type of page that you wish to link to and provides you with a list of options.

If you chose 'External link' you will be asked to enter the URL of the page that you want to link to.

The next page allows you to specify the text that will appear in the menu item,

Click finish and you will see a new menu item in the list.


How do I change the ordering of menu items?

To change the position of a menu item in the menu first 'edit' the menu.

Select the item whose position you want to change.

Click the Up or Down buttons to the right of the menu item list. This will adjust the position of the selected menu item accordingly.