Frequently asked questions

Getting started

These questions are related to getting started with pagebloom.

I want to take advantage of your free 14 day trial - what do I do?

To take a free 14 day trial simply follow these steps. You may like to print out this page for easy reference:

  1. Create a pagebloom account by clicking 'Free signup' at the top of this page.
    This gives you a pagebloom account which allows you create new organizations in the system. In pagebloom each website is associated with an organization.
  2. After creating an account you will be automatically logged in.
  3. Click the 'Create new website' button on the left of the screen. This will guide you through the steps of setting up a new organization for which a website will automatically be created.
  4. After creating your organization it should appear in the list of organizations in the left column. To edit details of the organization or change the appearance or content of its website simply click on the name of the organization and you will be taken to the administration page for that organization.
  5. Use the menu in the middle of the screen to select the various aspects of the website that you wish to edit.

What URL will users use to get to my site?

While we can configure a pagebloom site to have an address based on a domain name that you own (eg., your customers can also get immediate access to your site as soon as you create it - even if you don't have a domain name yet.

When you create your site you set up an address for it. This address includes a country and region/state. These values are used to form the URL of your new website.

The URL used to access your site is:<country>/<state>/companyname


<country> with the country code for the country you are in eg., usa, uk, au, nz, de

<state> with the state or region code for the state your organization is based in eg., ca (california), new (New South Wales).

Can my pagebloom site appear with my own domain name?

Yes, pagebloom hosted and managed sites can be configured to be reached via your own domain name, eg. or

If you already have a domain name then let us know and we will provide the IP addresses of our service so that you can have your domain name server settings changed to point to your pagebloom hosted website.

If you don't already have a domain name we can register one at your request (you pay for the cost of registration of the name) and we can configure your new domain name in our own Domain Name Servers (for free) so that you never have to make changes if we ever make changes to our server locations/configurations.

Even if you already have a domain name you can switch to hosting your DNS for free so that you never have to worry about configuring it.