Frequently asked questions

General Administration Tasks

This section contains questions relating to the general set up of your website.

How do I specify which email address pagebloom will send customer information requests to?

Pagebloom website can have a 'Request information' page that allows your site visitors to ask for more information about specific products, your organization in general or even initiate a product support request, the progress of which can be tracked by pagebloom's inbuilt ticketing system.

When a request is made by a person visiting your site an email is sent to your organization. You can specify which email address these requests are sent to via the 'Contact Details' for your organization.

Go to the 'control panel' for your website as explained here.

From the main menu click 'Organization' and then select 'Organization Details'.

Click on 'Contact Details'.

Edit the 'Email' field, specifying the email address that you want customer information requests to be sent to.

How do I change the email address I use to sign in?

At certain times you may need to change the email address that you use to sign into your pagebloom account. The may be because:

  • You changed ISP or changed employer and so your email address changed.
  • You had accidentally typed in the wrong email address when you first signed up to pagebloom.

The reason for changing your email addres isn't important. All that is important is that it very easy to update pagebloom to use your new email address.

In pagebloom your email address is used to identify you when signing in. Therefore it is important that you update your pagebloom account if your email address changes.

To update you email address:

  1. Log into pagebloom using the current email address that you last provided to pagebloom (probably when you signed up).
  2. Click on the Control menu on the top right and selection "Personal Settings".
  3. In the "Identification" section click the edit link
  4. Edit your username/email and press Save.

I have lost my password. What can I do?

Retreiving my old password

For security reasons we store all passwords in the database in an encrypted, irreversible form which means that it is not possible for anyone to ever see your raw password in the database - not even us! ... but all is not lost: You can reset your password to a new one at any time.

Regardless of how many different websites you manage on pagebloom you can access all of them using a single username/password - this is known as "Single Sign On" (SSO)

Resetting my password

To reset your password to a new one follow these few simple steps:

  1. Go to your website and click on the 'Forgot password?' link at the top of the page.
  2. In the form that appears, enter your email address and press OK.
  3. Within a minute or so you should receive an email from pagebloom. If not then be sure to check in your junk mail or spam filter folder. If the email did end up in there be sure to change your email settings to "accept emails from"
  4. Open the email and click on the link within it.
  5. Enter your new password in the fields that appear.
  6. Type in the URL of the website that you want to visit in the address bar of your browser and then log in using your new password.