Frequently asked questions

Employee management and the employees page

All you need to know about managing employees of an organization including details on how to add them, upload photos, descriptions etc.,

How do I add an employees page to our website?

You can create an employee or 'team' page by adding a menu item to one of the menus on your page. Typically this will be the main menu. Initially you may not have any employees added to your database so the employee page will appear rather empty. See the 'How do I add employees' to see how to add employees that will appear on your employees page.

Adding an employee page

  1. Access the admin control panel. See How to access the admin control panel
  2. Add a new menu item for the employee page. See Menu management

How do I add/edit employees

The addition or editing of employees is performed in the Employee administration page.

  1. Go to the Admin Control Panel. See Admin Control panel
  2. Select Organization and click Employees
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button to edit an existing employee or click 'Add new employee' to add a new employee.