Frequently asked questions

Configuring shopping cart for online ordering

These questions cover the built in shopping cart provided by pagebloom.

Can I create an online store with pagebloom?

Yes, you can. pagebloom has a very powerful and easy to use product catalog editor that allows you to set up a large variety of different types of products:

How will I get paid for my customer orders?

Each person or business who signs up to pagebloom gets a free 'pagebloom account'. This avoids the need for each business to set up and manage their own payment gateway facility.

Each pagebloom account initially has a balance of zero but whenever customers purchase from your website your business account's balance increases. You can draw down the funds or top them up whenever you like. Users can make purchases on pagebloom hosted online stores using their own pagebloom account or they can purchase directly from their credit card. Typically credit card purchases will draw more transaction fees from the purchase than a purchase from a pagebloom account so it's actually financially beneficial if your customers purchase using their pagebloom account but direct credit card purchases are completely supported by the system.

Anyone can 'top up' or 'drawn down' from their pagebloom account whenever they like. There is a small processing fee on draw downs for amounts of less than $150 plus whatever fees your bank charges us for depositing money into your bank account (which for most banks is zero).

See 'How do I draw down funds on my pagebloom account?' for details of how to access your funds.


How do I draw down funds on my pagebloom account?

Drawing Down Funds

You can draw down funds on accounts with non zero balances at any time. To do so follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have not already done so go to the control panel for your website:
  2. In the main menu click 'My Options' and then choose 'Financial Accounts'.
  3. You will see a summary of your pagebloom account including the current balance, total revenue etc., You will also see links allowing you to top up your account or draw down from your account.
  4. Before you draw down from your account you need to specify which bank account the funds will be deposited to. Click on 'Bank account details' and enter your bank account details and press ok.
  5. To perform a draw down click on 'Draw down from pagebloom account' and enter the amount you wish to draw down.
  6. Your funds should arrive in your account within 3-4 working days.

What dispatch options are available?

The built in shopping cart allows for the following dispatch options:

  • Delivery to the customer's address or an address that they specify
  • Customer pickup
  • Student pickup - this option is only applicable to schools where a student, who is typically not the customer (a student's parent or guardian is typically the customer who made the purchase), will pick up the products.

How do I configure the dispatch options available from my shopping cart?

Go to the product catalog management screen and click on 'Edit supplier settings'.

A form will appear with check boxes that allow you to enable or disable the various dispatch options.

Can I be notified by an SMS to my cell/mobile phone when I receive a new order?

Yes you can!

Pagebloom has an SMS notification service that, when enabled, will send an SMS to your mobile phone with a summarized form of each line item and the total price of the order.

Enabling SMS notifications

To configure SMS notifications for new orders:

Sign in to pagebloom and go to the administration page for your organization.

On the main menu click 'Products/Ordering' then click 'Product catalog management'

Click on the 'Edit Supplier Settings' link and then check the option 'Send SMS notifications'.

You will be sent an SMS for each order that has been successfully paid for.

Specifying which the phone number to send SMSes to

You then need to specify the cell/mobile number of the phone that you want to receive the SMS notifications.

On the main menu click on 'Organization' then select 'Organization Details'.

Click 'Contact Details' and in the form that appears enter your cell/mobile number in the appropriate field.

How do I specify whether or not any credit card fee is absorbed by my organization or added as a surcharge to the total that is paid by my customers?

With pagebloom you can configure how credit card fees will be charged - either your organization absorbed the fees or they can be added as a surcharge to the customer, increasing their sale price slightly.

You control the handling of credit card fees via the 'Absorb credit card fee' option in the Supplier Properties form. Turning this option on may increase sales as it will mean a slightly smaller total purchase price for customers.

To change the ‘Absorb credit card fee’ setting:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign In if not auto signed in
  3. Click the pbAdmin button in the top left hand corner
  4. Looking down the left side column locate the name of the organization that you wish to manage and click on its name
  5. In the main menu click Products and then select Management
  6. Click on the ‘Supplier properties’ link
  7. Check or uncheck the option labeled ‘Absorb credit card fee’. If checked, no surcharge will be added to the total purchase price as your organization will absorb the credit card fee.
  8. Press OK

Any new orders will reflect the new state of the 'Absorb credit card fee' setting. It will not affect any previous orders.