Frequently asked questions

Getting started

These questions are related to getting started with pagebloom.

Configuring shopping cart for online ordering

These questions cover the built in shopping cart provided by pagebloom.

Configuring and editing the content and appearance of your website

These questions cover topics concerning changing the appearance of your site and the content that it contains and general administration of your website including finance administration.

Web developers

Questions covering topics involving a web site developer using pagebloom to host their clients' sites.

Importing data

Questions relating to importing data from existing websites or bulk importing new data from Excel or .csv files.

If your data is in our standard formats or you can rearrange your data so that it is in one of our standard formats then you can submit it to us and we can import it for free.

If it is not possible to provide your data in one of our standard formats then we have specialist programmers able to import data from virtually any database, CSV or spreadsheet (Excel) format - providing that we can get access to a snapshot of your database. This is done for a modest fee.

Managing media: images, video, flash etc.,

Questions regarding adding media to your site. Media includes things like images, videos, flash content etc.,

Processing orders received via the online shopping cart

This section covers questions regarding how to process orders received via the online shopping cart.

Menu Management

The menu management system within pagebloom is very powerful and flexible. You can create new menus and specify the target panel in which they should appear (main - at the top, side bars or at the bottom)

For each menu that is created you can add, edit or remove items.

General Administration Tasks

This section contains questions relating to the general set up of your website.

Email notifications

This section covers the management of email notifications that are sent to users when they sign up or interact with your organization via your pagebloom hosted website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This section covers questions about pagebloom's search engine optimization features.

Visitor Tracking and Verification Codes

This section covers questions relating to tracking (eg., Google Analytics) and verification (eg., Google Verification) of your site.

Employee management and the employees page

All you need to know about managing employees of an organization including details on how to add them, upload photos, descriptions etc.,

Managing users and their roles (permissions)

Some terminology that will be helpful:
Term Meaning
Organization Any company, group, team, committee, association, department, competition that logically groups a set of people together is given the generic term 'organization' in pagebloom. Organizations can be structured hierarchically so that a top level organization (eg. company or sports club) may have sub organizations (eg., departments, committees, competitions) and those sub organizations can have futher sub organizations to any required depth (eg., client support team, sporting team).
The pagebloom administration screens have a 'Structure' menu under the Organization menu item that allows quick navigation both up and down your organizational structure.
User A user is a person who has an account in pagebloom. A user can have one or more roles in a given organization.
To see the users that have been granted roles within an organization go to Organization > People menu in the pagebloom administration pages.
Role A role that can be assigned (or revoked) from a user. Users are given permissions to perform certain operations based on the set of roles that they have been assigned to them.
Roles are inherited - this means that if a user is granted a role in Organization A then that user will inherit that role in all sub organizations of Organization A.

To grant or terminate a role for a particular users go the 'People' section under 'Organization' in the administration menu

For example:
Sports club scenario: if a user is given 'ArticleApprover' role in the top level 'Sports club' organization then he can approve articles for all teams. If instead he was given 'ArticleApprover' role for the 'Under 9- Under 19' then he would only be able to approve articles generated for teams under that group.
Task Tasks can be generated both manually and automatically. Assignment of a task to a user is based on the roles that users have.
When a new task is created in the system an email is sent to the users who have a role that enables them to process that task. If a user is no longer responsible for processing a particular type of task then the role corresponding to that task should be terminated.


Calendar and events

Basic components are very useful components that pagebloom supports. These include things like Calendars, News Items, FAQs, Testimonials and Forums.