All hosting packages come with unlimited access to pagebloom's online, intuitive, easy to use, content management facilities so that you can edit your website at your will, 24/7 without paying any extra.

pagebloom sites are hosted very inexpensively on our high availability servers. All data is backed up on a daily basis to provide you with the peace of mind you expect from such an enterprise level service. Each package is available as either pay by the month in advance or pay by the year.

There is no need for our customers to install software or databases and no need for them to upgrade or migrate software or databases as new versions come along. The IT department at pagebloom manage all IT aspects of your website for you so there's no nasty surprises. All pagebloom hosted websites will always be running on the latest version of pagebloom without you ever having to lift a finger so there's no need to worry about getting left behind on an old version of software or the database as tends to happen when business owners are responsible for the upgrades and constant maintenance of the IT resources that hosts their website.

(inc. tax)

Brochure Website

The brochure package is our budget option. It is intended for websites that will act as an online brochure, giving an organization a web presence at a very low cost but without a comprehensive online product catalog and without online ordering. Individuals and small businesses often set up brochure websites to provide their current customers and potential customers with an 'online point of contact' and also provide them with an email address that they can keep forever if they opt to register a domain name for themselves or their business.

An email address associated with your own domain name is far superior to using the email address provided by your internet service provider as you will lose an internet service provider email address if you decide to switch to another internet service provider. On the other hand, an email address associated with a domain name that you own can stay with you while ever you own the domain name and have it hosted somewhere.

One Month $12.00
3 Months $36.00
6 Months $72.00
12 Months (10% discount) $129.60

Catalog Website

The catalog packages allows you to create and manage an online catalog, with or without prices so that people can find out about your products when they search on search engines like google. The more relevent content you have on your site the more highly ranked you will become on search engines and the more likely it will be that people will find your site.

While this package allows for an online catalog it does not allow for an online shop. To create an online shop you need the Premium Package. You can upgrade from any lower package to any higher package at any time.

One month $20.00
3 Months $60.00
6 Months $120.00
12 Months (10% discount) $216.00

Premium e-commerce Website

Premium packages are for companies who wish to tap into the ever growing list of customers who prefer to purchase items online - whether it be a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe or a new set of golf clubs. The pagebloom Premium package makes it easy to create and manage an online catalog of products that customers can purchase online. There is a low cost montly fee plus a very small percentage commission (eg., 1%) of the cost of the items sold through the website. Any payment gateway fees are in addition to the small percentage commission. Payment gateway fees for PayPal are around 1.6-2.4% depending on your volume of sales.

1 Month $25.00
3 Months $75.00
6 Months $150.00
12 Months (10% discount) $270.00

Restaurant e-commerce Website

Don't let the big boys take away your business by eating up the online ordering market. Now you can provide online ordering for your restaurant at a fraction of the cost of the traditional cost of setting up an online ordering facility, saving you thousands!

Free Setup!

pagebloom offers a 'turn key' solution and we'll help get you started by entering your menu into the system for ZERO set up fee. We don't merely scan in your menu and show an image of your menu on your site... no, we do it the right way, entering each of your menu items and dividing them into categories. That's the best way to make sure that search engines find you.

Not Just A Listing Service

Many restaurant online services are listing services where you are just another entry in their database of restaurants. pagebloom is different: It provides you with an fully hosting, individual website - like what you would normally pay $1000 of dollars to have developed. You have complete control over the content of your site, choose from a set of templates to specify the style and colors and manage your menu, add new dishes, change prices etc., 

Munchopia - the place to be online

Each pagebloom restaurant package also entitles the restaurant owner to free listing in the munchopia restaurant listing service so people can find your website fast!

*This special is for restaurants only.

1 Month $25.00
3 Months $75.00
6 Months $150.00
12 Months (includes 10% discount) $270.00